soft airbrush effect using chalk pastels

hello everyone! this tuttorial is about preparing your chalk pastels and using them to create the soft airbrush effect.

these are the chalk pastels I use. they’re by Winsor&Newton and they’re called Artists’Soft Pastels. I like these because the pigments are strong and they show well.

pick your colors, remove the paper wraps, and get a cutter (or a different sharp edge of your choice). scrape off the chalk pastel from the sides using the cutter till you get a nice soft powder. try to not create chunks of chalk because that could ruin the soft effect when you use it.

for storing I like to put the powder in these little plastic containers. you can prepare large amounts of chalk powders for future use to prevent creating a mess everytime.

here I used this powder using 3 different brush types and sizes. each one creates a different effect and density of color.

hope that was useful!


  1. You’r amazing mashaAllah 3alech , thankew for thi tut , i had this prob enna i sharp my color pencils to make this effect bs 3aworaow 8albee i dont want to ruin them xp, so im so gonna buy chalk pastels ;* can i ask who taught u this tech. ? :3

    • thank YOU!!! yes this is way better than using colored pencils 🙂
      well I’ve been using chalk pastels to paint my dolls (tutorial for painting dolls is also on this blog) and by practice and trying different stuff I found out this is the best alternative for airbrush 😀

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