COPIC refill

Copic markers are amazing and magical.. but one bad thing about them is that they do dry out and die rather fast compared to other color types (color pencils and watercolors last a lifetime!) and they’re quite expensive so that’s a big downside to them. BUT, a copic refill costs about as much as a full marker and can refill about 6 times or more! So it is a very good deal! (but when you think that you’re gonna need a separate refill for each color… that sounds like a lot of refills eh?)

Anyways, today I’m gonna show you how to refill copic markers. What you’re gonna need is the dead copic marker, the refill of the same shade, a cone/needle thing, and the tweezers (all are made by COPIC and sold by them)

The color I’m refilling is #100 black.

First thing you have to do is open the marker from the broad side (less likely to get damaged), get the tweezers, and pull up that broad tip. Don’t be scared! It’s all good.. it’s meant to be done this way.


This is how it will look like.

Then get the needle thing and put it in the marker (where you took out the broad tip). Don’t push the needle in too hard! Just let it rest there and pour the ink and it will flow by itself inside the marker. I’d suggest that u put in about 3 units (little lines on the refill bottle). Pouring in too much ink will cause some ink leakage from the other (bottom) side of the marker and it might cause a mess! So be careful.

When you’re done from that just pick up the broad tip and put it back in place. Let the marker rest horizontally for a bit so that the ink can flow to the broad tip side of the marker, and you’re done! The marker is now good as new 😉

One last extra step is cleaning the needle… you’re gonna need the colorless blender ink refill. Pour it in the needle while holding a tissue on the other end of it to clean up the needle from the ink and make it usable for other color refills.

thanks for reading! I hope that was useful~




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